I Don’t Mind (Official Music Video)-[Tobias Dray] feat. [Ben chandler]

Tobias Dray is a very exciting act who is making his way onto Lyrical Lemonade for a stellar offering that dropped a little while ago. If you’ve seen the song, “I Don’t Mind” pop up on any of your spotify playlists, I advise you to take time out of your day to indulge in the stellar piece as it’s been stuck in my head ever since hearing it. The mastermind behind it, Tobias Dray is a well-polished producer who is making a name for himself in a way that will prove to be beneficial for his overall career. His ability to make tasteful beats and full songs is the exact reason why so many artists are itching to hop on one of his tracks.

Just recently, the 24-year-old Toronto based producer enlisted help from well-known artist, Ben Chandler to bring his own personal flare to the impressive “I Don’t Mind” track. Like I said, this song has been stuck in my head for a while now and to make it even better, Tobias dropped a brand new video for the titular song. The fun and energetic story is the perfect compliment to an already amazing song which makes this a treat for us all.

Make sure to check out this video at the link down below! Tobias killed this and I’m so hype for his career.