Alright we don’t have to play around here, its understood bbno$ moves different than a lot of these rappers out right now. 2019 has been an incredibly busy year for the Vancouver based artist, dropping his sophomore album Recess earlier this year and following with a run of hit singles, one that just so happened to crush hundreds of millions of streams. With more attention than ever, he finds himself at an interesting point in his career being that he could sign with any label looking to cash in on his chaotic energy. By the sounds of it, ever since he deactivated stealth mode they’ve been hunting him down to finally give him some money. To no one’s surprise, he’s remained independent as one of the largest artist’s to bet on himself and become one of the top 100 streaming artists on Spotify without a label. By doing this, he is creating a pathway to show how to become a thriving artist in quite possibly the craziest time in the music industry.

Today marks the release of bbno$’s third studio album i don’t care at all, an amply titled project considering the more fame he seems to get the less interested he is in any of the clout that comes with it. Honestly, respect. The 10-track album is entirely produced by Y2K, who seems to have been able to get the most out of bbno$ being a producer that can take on any genre and absolutely murder it. From song to song, this project brings an entirely different energy and shows the versatility of what the crazy Canadian is able to create. Only tapping into a few familiar faces for features, this is pretty much an entire album of bbno$ and Y2K doing whatever the hell they want.

All throughout this project, there are crazy gamer references and hard punchlines we’ve come to expect. The intro song “bad thoughts” is bbno$ at his finest, spitting witty lyrics with obscure references over simple strings and deep 808s. Lewis Grant has created some amazing music with bbno$ and Y2K, the second song on the project has the trio at the top of their game. The chemistry between Y2K and bbno$ is what makes all of the music feel so light and effortless, giving this album extreme replayability. Whether it be another track destined for the charts like “pop song” or repurposing a song from Grease that pretty much everybody forgot on “it gon’last, they are constantly able to create a style of music that is hard yet playful.

Whether you’re playing him on the regular or reluctant to get on board, there’s no denying that bbno$ is nowhere close to being done. He has an insane work ethic and a personality that pushes him to continue to go crazier, what 2020 will hold for the artist is sure to be something even wilder than releasing a song with Carly Rae and Enrique Iglesias. If that’s possible…

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