Since Berhana rose to viral prominence with his 2016 self-titled EP, the innovative soul artist has remained relatively selective about the music he’s put out. However, we are now just weeks away from his new album ’Han’, and with a string of addictive singles leading the way so far, things are sounding very promising for Berhana. Today, he adds to the hype even more with a new song titled “I Been”.

The Atlanta native teams up with Korean musician Crush, and the two artists unite powers to make for a dreamy, catchy collaboration. Sonically, “I Been” fits with the theme Berhana has been teasing with other singles like “Health Food” and “Lucky Strike”. With more direct funk influence coming through in the pulsing basslines and bounce of his latest releases, the evolution of Berhana’s sound maintains the same soul of his most popular songs while adding more upbeat flair that’s addictive to listen to on repeat. Get a feel for it yourself and hit play on “I Been” by Berhana below: