I Ain’t Been Outside – [Joseph Chilliams]

Chicago is obviously a special place, but it can also be a ruthless monster, unfortunately. While there are so many incredible artists rising within the music scene here, there are few groups that are as iconic and pivotal as Pivot Gang, and real fans know this. While Saba might be the most notable of the group, there are so many different talents within the crew that you might be missing out on. Unfortunately, things have been extremely tough after the passing of Squeak, a legendary figure within Chicago, but Pivot never seems to give up no matter how hard things may be.

Nonetheless, out of this entire group, Joseph Chilliams is one of my favorite emcees because he thinks outside of the box and truly tries things out that others tend to avoid, constantly pushing the limit while seeing outcomes that are as impressive as it gets. Most recently, Joseph decided to release a brand-new song entitled “I Ain’t Been Outside”, and if you are somehow not familiar with this Windy City spitter, this is the perfect record to familiarize yourself with him. Within the instrumental, some buoyant, consistent synths continuously rotate as the beat unfolds, leading us into some crisp yet simplistic percussion and drums that give him a minimal foundation that truly allows for his lyrics to shine.

When he begins to spit, he avoids any bells and whistles while gifting us some straightforward bars full of double entendres and wordplays that are as intelligent and unique as it gets. His flow is strong and dominant, yet his demeanor is relaxed and smooth, providing a very intriguing juxtaposition that is as masterful and impressive as I could ever imagine.

Furthermore, he continues on to mix in wordplays with his story of a time he got jumped, and although this is something I didn’t know about previously, it’s a narrative that is gripping and detailed, further contributing to the storyline of the track. Joseph Chilliams may have been in the game for a minute, but his experience is clear within this record, making “I Ain’t Been Outside” another impeccable addition to his discography, and I can’t wait to see what else he has up his sleeve as the year moves forward.