As listeners, we often subconsciously categorize artists without even realizing it. In fact, to some extent, it almost seems like human nature at this point to comfort ourselves with comparison when trying to understand a new style of music. However, every once in a blue moon, I’ll come across an artist who simply can’t be categorized. It’s too limiting, too tunnel-visioned, and quite honestly, a bit dismissive of the creativity at hand. Such is the case with Jacqueline Haupt, especially as we see in her brand new single, “Hyukoh.”

Unique to a point of astounding individuality, “Hyuokoh” shows us an artist whose eccentricity removes her from any fair comparison. Haupt operates entirely in her own lane, and with a song as fervent, oddly satisfying, and well-executed as her latest, this simply can’t be denied. On one hand, it’s the dreamy production, floating among the clouds as the kicking drumlines contrast such gentle instrumentation. On the other hand, it’s Haupt’s breathtaking vocals, gracing such production with a mysterious charm, further speaking to the young singer’s appeal: a classic case of “I love it, but I just can’t put my finger on why.”

These elements and so much more make “Hyukoh” an impeccable listen, well worth the time of our readers out there. That said, be sure to check out the latest from Jacqueline Haupt below!

Produced by GLAM GOULD