It’s been a while since I heard from Chicago emcee, Jarred A.G., more than a few years to be (a little more) exact. Despite a long break, Jarred left an impression me, so I was really excited when I saw he was back with a new single in “Hyperspace” to celebrate his birthday.

I remember him with a little more hard-hitting, gritty style but this one while just as memorable has a different, mellow, and almost melancholic vibe. Setting the stage, producer Jordon Lumley creates a shrouded, whirring backdrop where A.G. impresses with a deft, falling flow as he paints a picture of a stressful day in the Windy City. He really ties everything together with some stellar hook, contrasting the strife-filled verses with a softer crooning and some escapist, stress-free lyrics.

Jarred labeled “Hyperpace” the first single on Midnight on Western, but has yet to announce a release date yet, so stay tuned.