Hustler Muzic – [Baby Smoove]

Every time I tune in to a new Baby Smoove track, I find it hard to believe that I’ve been following along with his career for almost a year. At this point, it seems like he’s still as fresh and new as the day I first heard about him late last summer, and although it has been a substantial amount of time compared to other artists I’ve just found out about, I think it feels this way because there’s really no one else like him in the music industry. His dexterity is obvious despite his laid-back style, yet he can flow with the best of them on any instrumental you put in front of him.

While I feel like I always write about his new releases, I simply couldn’t resist his latest visual for his song “Hustler Muzic” after seeing it all over social media, so I honestly had no choice. Produced by Michigan Meech and shot once again by his videographer JuddyRemixDem, things open up in the middle of an absolutely massive, modern-day mansion. Laying there with his hat covering his face, he seems to wake up in a daze in the middle of the home’s library. As he gets up and recollects himself, he lights up a blunt the size of a cigar and makes sure to keep an eye on his bottle of lean so that way it doesn’t wander off without him. Getting up and walking throughout the home to see where his friends are, he walks into a room to find one of his homies passed out on a couch, unresponsive even after he tries to shake and wake him up.

Looking distressed, he continues to make his way throughout the estate, checking the entire first floor and even heading upstairs, ultimately finding a few more friends in the same state as the first one. While this might’ve prompted others to flee the scene or get help, Smoove heads to the fridge to pull out his bottle of Faygo in order to calm himself down. After closing the fridge and turning around, though, all of his previously slumped counterparts end up chilling at the table as if nothing happened, ending things on a slightly obscure and mysterious note that I appreciate without a doubt.

While it’s obvious that I can’t speak highly enough of Baby Smoove and all of the moves he has made thus far in music, I am still excited to see how much further he is going to grow and expand within the music industry. I feel like his connection with Juddy is a huge advantage for him because not only are all of his music videos well shot and put together, but at this point, I can’t picture a music video from him with any other director either, so the connection is wonderful. All in all, I just think Baby Smoove is one of the greatest hidden gems in the industry that the mainstream media might never really pay attention to for whatever reason, so I’m just going to appreciate him while I can as he continues to make unbelievable music. “Hustler Muzic” is the name of his latest song and music video, so make sure you check it out whenever you get a chance.