Hunny – [Nate Traveller]

Nate Traveller has always been impressive. The prolific artist carries an emotional delivery and an incredibly difficult to ignore charisma that follows each of his songs, whether through heart mending melodies or poignant rap deliveries. His recently released project, Hunny, is a significant step forward in his sound and a shining example his artistic growth.

Coming in at a total of 21-minutes for a total of eight songs, Nate Traveller’s reentrance into the space since sharing his three-track release Alone back in 2018. His new album finds an exceptional growth both in production as well as with features. Assisted on the production side by fellow rising artist, BabyJake, and featuring verses from Wes Period, ripmattblack, AKTHESAVIOR, and Mills, Nate Traveller creates mellow energy that not only sounds good but matches the fall season. Standout songs like “Solace,” “Low Blow,” and “Same Number” all hold intoxicating components that make this project special. Nate Traveller said the below about his new album and the overall feel he hopes his music brings, saying,

“Nature and harmony are key aspects not just to my brand but to my personal identity. I want my music to help people find peace.”

Listen to Hunny by Nate Traveller below.