LL intern
LL intern
29 Nov 2019

With G Herbo’s upcoming album PTSD on the horizon, he’s recently been teasing and pleasing fans of his by releasing some hits. On his latest release “Hunnit Bands”, Herb proves his worth yet again by sharing some braggadocios bars over some superb production from the one and only DJ Victoriouz.

Although his assertive lyric delivery is present in this track along with most of his other music, he brings out a sort of charismatic side of himself that shows a bit of duality for the drill rapper. I’d be lying if I said I believe that this song is going to go down as one of the best songs he has ever created, but I also added it to my playlist as soon as I heard it so that should hopefully say a lot. His energy is infectious as always and he’s as consistent as ever in his booming career, so PTSD should continue boosting his status without a doubt.

I can’t say I’ve ever met a rap music fan that isn’t a fan of G Herbo and “Hunnit Bands” is another example of why his music is so appreciated and popular, so be sure to give it a listen.

Words by Danny Adams