How We Do It (Music Video) – [Shoreline Mafia] ft. [Wiz Khalifa]

Shoreline Mafia is about to go crazy with the release of their upcoming album Mafia Bidness and that’s just a fact. Although all of their singles leading up to this project’s release have been awesome, I honestly didn’t even have to listen to those to know fans are in for something special. Each and every member of the group brings a different energy and skillset to the table that elevates every single one of their offerings which helps them stand out and separate themselves from other groups in the realm of Rap and Hip-Hop music. I also enjoy the fact that not all of the four of the members need to be present on every single track because this makes them shine even more on the songs that they do play a part in. Their chemistry has been seamless since the moment of their inception and there’s more than one reason as to why they’re one of the biggest things in music coming out of the West Coast in recent history.

Just as I was growing more and more anxious about the release of the album this Friday, they dropped off a brand-new music video for their most recent single “How We Do It”, which features the iconic Wiz Khalifa. I legitimately just wrote about this track a few days ago so I’m going to focus mainly on the video, but just appreciate how creative and impressive the single is as you watch this mini-movie. In this visual, Fenix takes us to the legendary skateboarding staple The Berrics, which is right in the middle of downtown Los Angeles. Considering I’m a fan of skateboarding and skate culture, I know just how iconic this warehouse is in the world of skateboarding and it’s even owned by Eric Koston and Steve Berra, two mainstays in the skate world. The most well-known and celebrated skaters have made their way through The Berrics over the years, so the fact that Fenix brings some of his friends out to pay homage to one of California’s favorite pastimes is really nice to see. He even hops on a board himself to do the Supreme box logo sweatshirt he’s wearing justice.

Furthermore, Fenix dances around, smokes, and recites his lines as other fish-eye clips show skaters performing intricate tricks on the various stair sets and rails spread around the skate park. Eventually, he takes us to the parking lot where he chills around a Rolls Royce SUV for a few quick shots. When Wiz comes in, we’re taken to another setting as the duo, joined by Wiz’s son I presume, hangs out and leans against an old school low rider, paying respect once again to the West Coast lifestyle that they’ve both become accustomed to. It turns out that this low rider also has hydraulics, making it even cooler than I was expecting. Besides these clean scenes and interesting settings, there really aren’t too many effects that are used which keeps this music video focused on the artists, the skaters, and the laidback lifestyle that comes with life on the West Coast.

I honestly think that this music video was perfect for the song. It shows off some of the staples of California culture and does so in a subtle, non-boastful way. I am a little surprised that this visual didn’t include a party or gathering of some sort considering that’s what the original song by Montell Jordan is all about, but they’re clearly having fun either way and that’s what sticks out to viewers at the end of the day. I honestly didn’t even know that Fenix skateboarded whatsoever, but some of the clips that were shown of him banging out some tricks were impressive and notable without a doubt. As far as Mafia Bidness is concerned, Friday couldn’t come soon enough, and I know that fans are definitely in for a treat. So, just stay patient and check out the brand-new music video for their most recent single off of the album “How We Do It”.