How Does It Feel – [Papichuloteej]

Las Vegas crooner Papichuloteej is back with his first release of 2020 with his pop heartbreak ballad “How Does It Feel.” Teej is one of those pop acts that’s been getting better with each release. From the first time I wrote about him on the Lyrical Lemonade pages with his is 1080p EP the one thing that’s left a lasting impression on me is his songwriting ability. Teej puts this on full display once again with the lyrics and hooks in “How Does It Feel.” The hook is very memorable and very Instagram caption catchy, “how does it feel to know that you lost me, don’t say you love me I hear that shit too often.” This track relates to the feelings of getting over an old relationship and reflecting on the toxicity that stemmed from it. If Papichuloteej continues to apply pressure in 2020, there could be big things ahead later in the year for him as he releases more material.

Stream Papichuloteej’s new single How Does It Feel” for yourself below.