How Does It Feel + No Explaination – [Sydny August]

Sydny August is a creative from Chicago that we here at Lyrical Lemonade have been fans of for some years now, and just recently she dropped not one, but two new songs, titled “How Does It Feel” and “No Explanation”. These songs put some of Sydny’s best abilities on full display; her luscious vocal skills, her song-crafting, how she can create memorable melodies with ease, etc. I liked both of these songs a ton, but “How Does It Feel” really stuck out to me, Sydny was in her bag on this song + created a beautiful piece of music that I believe is one of the best songs in her entire catalog. Take some time to listen to these two new records below, and if you enjoy Sydny’s sound, then subscribe to The Lemonade Stand because we have an interview with her coming very soon!