Houston Rising Star Lebra Jolie Releases Her Debut EP

There’s a new girl in town by the name of Lebra Jolie and I must say she is a force to be reckoned with. The Houston rapper has shown star potential since childhood when she would rhyme over Limewire beats and upload them to MySpace. Lebra began to utilize her Youtube channel to build her presence and a strong fan base. Fast forward to 2021, her career began to take off with the release of her two singles “Choppa” and “Jolie (Freestyle).” After catching the eye of Baroline Diaz, Interscope VP of A&R, the rising star began her journey to the top.

Her debut self-titled EP featured seven tracks with celebrity appearances from Babyface Ray and Rob 49. Lebra’s signature southern accent mixed with her braggadocious lyrical style are a recipe for perfection. This project allowed me to take a deeper dive into who Lebra is and why she is next up.

“My favorite song on the project has to be between “What Kinda” and “F%ck I Look Like.” On What Kinda, I love the amount of aggression and power I hold on the track. This song represents how powerful a woman can be in a male-dominated industry. My bossiness compliments my sexiness and aggression while being a pretty boss b—h,” she explained. “On F%ck I Look Like, the song moves me and quickly became my favorite because I was able to get personal with my real-life situations while still giving bars and making the record fun.

After listening to her EP, Lebra hopes her fans understand that women are powerful and they can get anything done if they put their minds to it. Be yourself, and always do the best you can. For the remainder of this year, you can expect a lot more from the Interscope signee.

“This year you can expect a lot of hard work and dedication. Expanding my fan base, building up my catalog, and looking good while doing it.”