Scrolling through my SoundCloud feed this morning, I stumbled upon a young artist by the name of YNW BSlime and his new single, “Hot Sauce.” Taken back by the song’s soaring deliveries and melodic vocal runs, I immediately began to ponder why the budding talent had the infamous “YNW” tag in front of his name, but upon doing some research, I soon realized that the BSlime is none other than YNW Melly’s little brother.

Needless to say, musical talent clearly runs in the family, as BSlime’s comfortability and charismatic presence on the mic spans far beyond his young age. On “Hot Sauce,” he exudes braggadocio with ease, and even more impressive, his ability to balance the pitch and tone of his deliveries to match the production is something that I’d expect from an artist of far greater experience.

With that said, in just about every facet imaginable, BSlime is a character and an artist who refuses to be defined by his young age, but rather, by his broad palette of talents. “Hot Sauce” is sure to attest, so give the new single a listen below and be on the lookout for more from one of rap’s youngest and most impressive rising stars!