Horror Story – [Black Fortune] feat. [Big Flock, 3oh Black, MoneyMarr, & Goonew]

I hope the entire rap industry can turn their eyes to what has happened in the DMV region this week as Maryland rapper Black Fortune rounded up the some of the very hottest artists from the District of Columbia and PG County for what is easily the most clouted posse cut to come from this area ever. Now if you know anything about the DMV rap scene or about the City of DC in general you will likely know about all of the hate and animosity between the artists here, some in decades old blood feuds about misgivings that happened in another century or perhaps just the constant “bidding” off of each other that has created dissension and a tense attitude towards collaboration and led to artists only making music with other artists in their circle. But this week Black Fortune took great strides to change that reality, recruiting DC’s Big Flock, 3oh Black, and MoneyMarr as well as Capitol Heights’, MD artist Goonew to put together an instantly legendary track. Each artist attacks the beat with their own unique flows and shows the overlooked three-dimensional capabilities of this style that is often written-off for its artistic merits. I hope that this leads artists in the DMV to becoming more receptive to collaboration as there are so, so many talented people here and if more artists start to follow this trend I am sure the results will also be an undeniable success.