Hooray! – [My Favorite Color]

When I was first put onto My Favorite Color a few months ago, I enjoyed what I heard but I wasn’t sure what to expect from him in the future. The first song I heard was entitled “Funeral”, and it was a simplistic, introspective look into what MFC could speculate would happen after his passing. I thoroughly enjoyed the track even though it’s not the typical style that I listen to, but then he dropped his debut album Velma, and I couldn’t believe my ears. He had so many different sounds and styles throughout this entire album, and I couldn’t fathom the dexterity that he brought to the table, so after hearing that project, I became an instant fan and questioned why I was even slightly skeptical in the first place.

One of my favorite songs off of the project was called “Hooray!”, and its jazzy, soulful, fun-loving aesthetic drew me in from the moment I heard the initial guitar riff. I’m so excited that MFC is keeping the fun going as well as the momentum he has built up with the release of a brand-new music video for this unbelievable record. He takes us through various decades, going in a time machine of sorts and bringing us back to different moments in time starting all the way back in 1950.

This first point in time boasts a black and white, granular scene that actually looks to be an old school talk show. MFC is the host, wearing a fairly comical wig and old-fashioned suit as he invites a lovely lady and another gentleman on to be his guests. He gets visibly and understandably upset when the guy begins only paying attention to the girl, tapping him on the shoulder to get his attention before having enough and starting a fight with this gentleman live, on-air. He takes the girl’s hand and walks off set, leading us into the next point in time which happens to be 1972.

Here, we get our first scene containing color, and he’s decked out in one of the most ‘70s-inspired outfits you can imagine. As he begins to get comfortable with his lady inside his home, their time is interrupted by a knock on the door, which unfortunately happens to be from a member of the Ku Klux Klan. The duo opens the door and drags the racist figure into their home before proceeding to beat him up. With every punch, Cartoon onomatopoeias take over the screen, not revealing the blows that this person is actually receiving. After it’s all said and done, they take him out and put him in the trunk of their car, leading us seamlessly into the next scene that takes place in 1992 as they open up the trunk to grab a basketball and hit the court in their vivaciously colorful outfits.

Everyone seems to be having a great time getting along before someone makes a dirty play on MFC, prompting him to once again get into a fight which is recorded on a handy cam by one of their friends. Finally, the last timestamp we see actually takes place this year, but it’s specified that it’s before the COVID-19 epidemic shook up the world. This is the perfect ending scene as it shows MFC and his friends at a party, dancing, vibing out, and just having the time of their lives, and the entire party fits in perfectly with the positive vibe of the track. To end things cohesively, however, all four points in time are shown side by side, bringing things full-circle once and for all.

After following My Favorite Color on his social medias, I quickly came to realize that he has one of the most addictive and entertaining personalities in the entire music scene. He just seems like a guy who doesn’t take things too seriously and knows how to smile, laugh, and have a good time. This part of his personality is honestly something I feel like many mainstream artists forget, and it’s something that humanizes him and helps fans connect with him more than most of the other artists you can think of. As long as MFC continues churning out music and content like “Hooray!”, you can be your life that I’m going to tune in, support, and continue being a fan, and you should too if you somehow haven’t familiarized yourself with him yet.