There is no denying the importance of a quality video by an artist looking to expand his fanbase and overall notoriety. This crucial asset in an artists arsenal is fully-present in the new video from the St. Louis born, Los Angeles based artistry of Danny Dwyer. Making his debut on Lyrical Lemonade, Dwyer looks to entrance viewers in a medley of brightly colored visuals in his new video for his recently released single, “Holiday.”

The Lonewolf directed video’s theme finds its inspiration from the sugary-sweet hue of an ice cream truck’s ornamental trademark. Dwyer, with a reserved yet charismatic nature, serenades viewers in front of multi-colored walls, from the window of the aforementioned ice cream truck and through a thicket of trees. The classically trained multi-instrumentalist’s subject matter on this record, although glittery in delivery, is somewhat melancholic as he chronicles the complicated maturation of childhood friendships. Combining intricate storytelling and soulful-pop production, Dwyer executes his latest outing with effortless finesse and groove-inducing musicality. This ability not only speaks volumes to his ever-growing artistry but his undeniable skill as a songwriter. “Holiday” is impressive from a multitude of standpoints but the biggest may be Dwyer’s ability to deliver a song that not only gets you dancing but makes your heart ache as well.

Watch the new video for “Holiday” by Danny Dwyer below and make sure to show him your support by following him on Twitter and Instagram.