Seamus Fay
Seamus Fay
4 Nov 2019

Kenny Mason. A soaring new talent ready to take over Atlanta, a standout member of the highly-talented BricoFleur collective, and a hitmaker by nature, equal parts lyrical and remarkably energetic. Earlier this year, marking perhaps the central catalyst for his recent rise, Mason released the song “HIT.” Anthemic in every sense of the words, the track has taken on a life of its own throughout the past few months, and has even become a soundtrack of sorts for Atlanta’s newest generation of DIY talent. Today, bringing the ever-growing momentum of “HIT” to a new peak, the man himself is back with a long-awaited set of visuals to match.

Placing Mason and co. right in Atlanta, where it all started and where things will continue to sprout from, the new video focuses less on Mason as an individual and more on the collective energy of “Hit.” From scenes of swerving around in a Mercedes Benz to hanging out on the stoop, the cinematography works to capture Mason’s single as a point of unity within his team, perpetuating the song’s anthemic nature without ever losing touch of its homegrown authenticity. These thematic elements, when partnered with the saturated, sun-soaked color of Atlanta, Georgia, perfectly capture “Hit” as more than a song, but a real moment.

For Kenny Mason, all lights read green, so don’t sleep. Something big is about to happen, and the newest music video might just be the spark that pushes this one over the edge. Watch “HIT” below:

Directed by Nasser Boulaich
Produced by Aditya Pamidi