Lil Yachty and Lil Keed have worked together a few times at this point, and every single song that has come after their collaborations have been complete hits. I’m not sure if it’s their opposing vocal sounds that pair well together, their chemistry, or just the fact that they’re both from Atlanta, but I don’t really care as long as they keep making songs like the latest offering they put out called “Hightop Shoes”.

On this track, the duo got legendary producer Zaytoven to piece together an instrumental that was pretty solid all around. Although very simplistic, it included some trademark Zaytoven piano keys while not trying to be too flashy or exuberant in order to not take away from the rappers’ performances on the song. Keed begins the record by presenting a decelerated verse that was elevated by some extremely energetic adlibs that hype up the first half. As for the second half, he switches it up completely and begins to whisper which was quite the spectacle. Although I’ve heard some people aren’t fans of this technique when they’ve heard other rappers do it, I can get behind Keed performing this way because his sound is already pretty uncharacteristic as it is in the first place. When it’s time for Yachty to spit, he comes in with ultra-heavy autotuned vocals and a pretty calm, cool, and collected demeanor. Throughout his short verse, he utilizes some different flows and deliveries, some of which were sped up and played nicely with the slower production he was given to work with.

I’m not sure I can say without a doubt that this is my favorite song that the duo has ever worked on together after just one listen, but I can say that it is just as consistent as the others we’ve heard. Considering both rappers are recognized for having unique and one of a kind voices, when they come together to collaborate, it’s just something that people need to tune in to and pay attention to. Beyond this, you know when Zaytoven is the mastermind behind the beat, it’s going to be a heater without a doubt. With that being said, peep the latest offering from Lil Yachty and Lil Keed called “Hightop Shoes” below.

Words by Danny Adams