Back in June Sonny Digital dropped a really impressive effort, dedicated to the grind in “Work.”  Now, the Atlanta legend is back with another banger entitled “Higher.”

This one, however, is about what happens after you put in the work. All work and no play makes Sonny a dull artist.

Continuing to show his range, Digital impresses yet again with a super unique beat that carries a danceable 80’s vibe. Even with the retro twinges, he keeps things fresh with some rich instrumentation; the breakdown towards the end is superb! The bouncing, upbeat boardwalk is the perfect backdrop for the unique vocal approach he takes as he celebrates putting the work to the side and having some fun.

I admit was sleeping on Sonny’s solo work and range respectively, but both “Work” and “Higher” are absolutely stellar and have completely changed how I view him as an artist.