Higher Self – [Navy Blue]

A rapper by the name of Navy Blue is ending 2019 by taking a moment to self-reflect on his new song, “Higher Self”. The new track and accompanying video showcase the rapper’s spoken-word style of rap as he lets his stream of consciousness flow in the form of methodical, thought-provoking bars.

Navy Blue navigates between subject matter with a deftness for connecting floating thoughts in his mind, and it feels like he draws content for his lyrics naturally from his environment. He treats the song as one extended verse filled with vivid metaphors and double entendres that keep a listener on their toes. There’s an overwhelming melancholy that pervades the entire track, and producer Demahjiae adds to this effect with a beat that’s composed of an eerie piano loop and other sparse, ambient sounds. The video itself, directed by Ryosuke Tanzawa, builds a portrait Navy Blue’s world through vignettes into daily life as he walks down the street. The rapper seems to find his inspiration for his poetry as he moves through the scene, and his process gets rendered in a grainy, vintage style that reiterates the timelessness of his sound. Watch “Higher Self” by Navy Blue below: