High – [Kenny Mason]

Hailing from the talent-filled land of Atlanta, Georgia, Kenny Mason is en route to becoming one of the most refreshing acts out of the A in recent years. Fueled by his energetic, off-the-wall style and dense lyrical abilities, Mason is the kind of artist whose comfortability with his sound reflects a wise-beyond-his-years kind of mindset, and furthermore, the way that he explores and thrives within this pocket of sound is second to none. Today, fans get to feast on the latest from Mason — a brand new music video posted only on social media (to my knowledge) entitled “High.”

Switching styles several times throughout, this offering clearly shows the extent of Mason’s artistically-inclined brain. With relative ease and seamless sonic transitions, he balances bellowing vocals with stimulating melodies and animated lyricism, blending all three together to curate a sound just as unique as it is advanced. Simultaneously, on the visual front, Mason matches the coloring and imagery of the video with the aesthetics of the sound at any given point during the offering, flipping back and forth between a colorful and a black and white world in the process.

Needless to say, “High” is not just an incredibly impressive release in respect to Mason’s development as an artist, but it also speaks volumes to his willingness to take chances and step outside of the box. Just as the lyrics denote, Mason has an ambitious head on his shoulders and a wise take on the world around him; there’s a reason why fans and figures within ATL and beyond are beginning to tap on the budding talent’s shoulders as a soon-to-be-star, and “High” is yet another point of proof.

Check this one out below and let us know what you think in the comments!