Hi-Fidelity-[Lava La Rue]

“The name ‘High Fidelity’ is a play on words between a musical transition from Lo-Fi (low fidelity) to songs to be played Hi-Fi and also infidelity” – Lava La Rue

West London’s Lava La Rue returns to Lyrical Lemonade with an outstanding new EP titled Hi-Fidelity. Released via Marathon Artists, Lava’s musical talents are on full-display; their ability to shine no matter the song’s tempo, direction or style is culminated wonderfully on this genre-less five-track project. Simultaneously thriving as a rock-star, a rapper and a singer, the fusion of La Rue’s creative talents stems from their boundlessly expressive personality that promotes freedom. The less labeling the better and the more openness preferred, Lava is an exemplary example of an individual unconcerned with the conventional norm. As a result, the sound of their music is as authentic, adventurous and bountiful as it gets. Listen to Hi-Fidelity by Lava La Rue in full below!