Sam Morrison
Sam Morrison
28 Jul 2020

ap eightyone is an artist who I had the pleasure of writing about back in November of 2019 for his debut song called, “Company”. From the moment I had the chance to listen, there was an instant intrigue and excitement. You could undoubtedly tell that within this artist project was not just vision, but the drive to push it along as well. On top of the stellar team behind him, ap is just good at what he does and I am anticipating his rise to be inevitable and quick.

Today, the 23-year-old is making it back onto our pages for a brand new song called, “Here to Stay”. There’s something about this title that speaks to the up and coming artists musical career. The title itself is a clear indication that ap eightyone is indeed here to stay. From the moment this song starts, the energy from the seamless guitar strum and sparing snaps create a presence that is out of this world. Soothing, satisfying and comforting are just a couple of words that came to my mind after listening to the first couple of seconds. Most songs don’t do that, but this one does, which makes it a piece worth falling in love with.

From a production standpoint, you couldn’t have asked for a more thoughtful offering. There is a deep sense of genius that is woven within the inner workings of the two minute and fifteen second ballad and its glorious to witness. The cherry on top is truly the beautiful vocal stylings of ap. He wastes no time whatsoever making  his presence known through effortless falsettos and amazingly placed harmonies. I truly cannot say anything bad about this track. It is utterly impossible.

“Here to Stay” is out everywhere and it’s a joy to be able to listen to such a great song by the rising talent! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below. Give it a listen and let us know what you think.