helpless. – [YSN Fab]

Sometimes, if an artist isn’t all over social media and publications aren’t constantly talking about them, it can be difficult to understand exactly how much of a wave they’re actually making. While this can be frustrating at times considering I love to see rising talents win and I enjoy cheering them on and showing support along the way, I also can’t complain too much because as long as they know that their music is turning heads and getting attention, that’s all that really matters.

YSN Fab is a talent from Winnipeg, Canada, and although he isn’t someone I have extensive knowledge about, I do know that the Instagram freestyles he was posting almost a half-decade ago are finally starting to pay off, and I’m super excited for him. After receiving attention from us here at LL as well as plenty of other publications, he even found himself on the official “Beats by Dre” Apple Music playlist, so if that isn’t a massive step in the right direction, then I don’t know what is.

His latest song “helpless.” is just another example of his dominance behind a microphone, but there is much more to it than what meets the ear. The instrumental mixes smooth guitar licks with a distressing piano that collides with chattering percussion and deep bass that hits right at the perfect moment. While the beat is great, Fab is even better, beginning with a more straightforward rap delivery that is filled with emotion that comes straight from the heart.

As the song goes on, though, he continues with a similar sound that begins to diversify as he slightly incorporates a bit more tunefulness during points before rotating back and forth between these two impassioned styles. While I think YSN Fab’s skills are truly spectacular, I think the thing that gets him further than anything is his genuine narratives because they never feel fake for even a second, and I think this is going to continue going such a long way for him as his career continues to skyrocket.