Lee Mcintosh
Lee Mcintosh
13 Mar 2020

Just a couple years back, a mysterious spaceship crash landed on earth. What has emerged through the smoke of it happened to be no one other than the Houston-native Don Toliver. For those who still may be a bit unfamiliar with him and his back catalogue, he caught his first big break in his career after the release of Travis Scott’s major studio album Astroworld, as he was featured on the song “Can’t Say”. Shortly after the release of Astroworld, it had been announced that Don was the newest signee to Travis Scott’s record label Cactus Jack Records. At that moment was the beginning of Don Tolivers ascension into the rap industry. Being featured on Eminem’s Music To Be Murdered By album, and providing one of the standout tracks on the Jackboys EP late last year on “Had Enough”, Don has been making some pretty substantial moves to help solidify himself at such an early stage in his career. At last, here we are just a few short months into the new year and Don Toliver has premiered his new project titled Heaven or Hell.

“You got two choices, either heaven or hell” Don raps on the late 2019 cut “Had Enough” on the Jackboys EP. Little did we know, that would be the title of his debut album in just a few short months to follow. Immediately upon playing the “Heaven or Hell Intro”, we are introduced to futuristic sounds and Don’s memorizing auto-tuned vocals. Of course, he may not the first amongst those responsible for the melodic raps we are all witnessing today. However, Don Toliver takes his craft to the next level–assuring that his name will be brought up when people speak on those who are leading the pack of melodies today.

The long awaited song “Euphoria” makes an appearance on the album alongside Travis Scott and Kaash Paige. The snippet first was first hear back in January in an Instagram post by Kylie Jenner, and fans went nuts. Don, Travis and Kaash all go head to head with melodies–which sets the tone for the album very early. Majority of the album does not contain features besides a few from Sheck Wes on “Spaceship” and Quavo and Offset on “Had Enough”. Production on the album is handled mostly by the super talented Wondagurl, Sonny Digital, and lots of co-production from the legendary Mike Dean. More standouts on the album include “After Party” and “Company”, where Don really gets in his melodic bag and croons over tons of 80’s themed synthesizers and deep 808s.

Having the musical talent and capabilities of shining on your own is something that can be hard to accomplish now aways. Most artists filling their albums with tons of features, Don keeps it simple here and gives himself a time to flourish and let the world know what he can do. Being attached to such a ,major artist can be a gift and a curse for many. The major artist can be so big that it leaves the new artist to remain in the shadows behind them, or they can be managed in a way to the point where they can gain success on their own. In the case of Don Toliver, he has been able to shine ever so brightly on his own all while still being signed to such a major artist. This year, he will join The Weeknd and Sabrina Claudio on The After Hours Tour, and he will be sure to shake up the crowd and deliver a great show for all.

We will continue to see Don’s name for many years to come, for he has so many valuable assets in his corner, along with the musical capabilities to stand the test of time in the rap game for the future to come.

Stream the new project Heaven or Hell below!