heather – [ericdoa] & [glaive]

I know I just wrote about glaive’s brand-new song “prick” and the video for it just yesterday, but there’s just something about him that I can’t get enough of. His emotion, passion, and energy are enough to get my heart pumping, and the fact that he’s doing this at such a young age is never something I can overlook. Combine his skills with the dense and plentiful talents of his close friend ericdoa, and they’re like a match made in music heaven. eric seems to bring the enthusiasm while glaive seems to bring the sentiment, combining their various skills in one song that is serious always unforgettable no matter what.

Sure, we had some singles like “cloak and dagger” or “fuck this town”, but fans knew that something else had to be afoot. That’s when we found out about then i’ll be happy, their 8 song, 15 minute long EP that gifted us with 6 original tracks from. The dynamic duo as well as the two aforementioned records, and after listening to this project numerous times, it’s obvious that this tag team is one that can’t be overlooked for even another second.

The third song on this project is called “heather”, and it shows both artists at the top of their game, rifling through various flows, melodies, and skills that are always impressive, in my opinion. Luckily, they’re not even close to being done with having some fun related to this EP, because they teamed up with Otto to direct a music video that is a wonderful accompaniment to the awesome track. After watching, it’s obvious that they filmed this while on the road in various locations around the United States during their tour.

They can be seen in places like Times Square in front of a billboard with their faces on it, underneath the iconic bean sculpture (actually called Cloud Gate) here in Chicago, and a few other places that are illuminated by city lights in the distance. While this video might be pretty simple and minimalistic, they always know how to put on a show and the visual for “heather” is even more proof of. This fact, making is something you’re going to need to check out sooner rather than later.