Very seldom do we get an artist that can go ghost for weeks, months, sometimes years, and be able to come back with a single and shake up the entire industry. Out of the few that do this, The Weeknd is one of them–and he is back right before the years closing with a single “Heartless”. This week was the three year anniversary of his last full-length album Starboy, and the last we have seen of him since then was his EP in 2018 My Dear Melancholy, and his feature on “Lost in the Fire” with Gesaffelstein. Since then, he’s been relatively quiet in the realm of music due to the fact that he was filming a new movie with Adam Sandler. Alongside that, he had his breakup with Selena Gomez to deal with, and his on and off relationship with supermodel Bella Hadid. Amidst of everything going on, The Weeknd has been locked in and in album mode for a long time, and what we are witnessing is the very beginning of what he and fans call Chapter VI.

Produced by mega producer Metro Boomin’ and day one collaborator Illangelo, The Weeknd sets the tone high on this one with an uptempo pop/hip hop blend of musical bliss. “Never need a b*tch, I’m what a b*tch need” is what he starts the track off with–alluding to him going back to his old ways of not tending to atones feelings but his own. Judging by the artwork which is a slightly blurred image of him smiling and having a good time, along with the title of the song, fans can only allude to what style we are going to receive once we get his next full-length project. Thus far, we have seen the emotional side, the dark R&B side, the pop side, and everything in-between. Nonetheless, The Weeknd is way to calculated for this to be just a one-and-done. We will surely be seeing more singles and visuals rollout in the months to come as we await his next body of work!

Stream “Heartless” below!