Heart in a Cold Room – [good problem]

I love music because it is just another way for artists to express their emotions, experiences, and thoughts in one place, and I feel like it is the ultimate form of expression that can not only attract new listeners, but it can connect with people on a deeper, more prominent level than the surface. I know a few artists off the top of my head that I give credit to changing my life, and even saving it during some of the rough moments I’ve been through, and this is never something I’ll take lightly.

A few months back, I was put onto good problem who absolutely blew me away because not only was their sound pure and awesome, but they were new to the scene and I’ve been able to watch them grow from their very first song on. They’ve been on a hot streak ever since they dropped their debut record, but it seems like their chemistry and artistry only get stronger and better with time, and that is more apparent than ever on their latest single “Heart in a Cold Room”.

They’re always incorporating build-ups within their instrumentals, usually remaining calm and composed at first before allowing the production to build until it explodes in the chorus, and this is where Eli, the singer of the duo, truly gets to let loose and express himself without holding anything back. This trend continues in this record, letting things begin in a mellow way before exploding, repeating this appealing process a few times throughout the track’s runtime.

Although their music is truly remarkable, the one thing I think I appreciate more than anything is the fact that they always have a backstory within their music, with this song possessing the idea of finding someone who is pure and truly loves you, but you know you’re not able to give the same love that they deserve back to them. Eli and Elton are two of the most talented up-and-comers in the entire industry, and every song displays this fact including “Heart in a Cold Room”, making it a record you’re going to want to play back repeatedly once you hear it for the first time.