Whether you celebrated the holiday with a sea of beer, hot dogs, and fireworks, or simply took it easy hopefully you got a chance to take a break from the usual grind. Stopping to take a breath every once and a while is just as important as the grind! Just ask Billy Davis about the power of some “Headspace.”

Even amidst making a budding career — collaborating with the likes of Denzel Curry and Goldlink — the Australian-born producer took a step back to collect himself following the death of his mother. Returning with “Headspace,” it’s clear the break did him well, because his bouncy, electronic-twinged board work is teeming with a fresh, exciting energy. To help bring his message to life, and fit the colorful, upbeat atmosphere, Billy recruited Jordan Dennis who lays down a charismatic verse, placed between a warm hook from KYE.

Refreshing, fun, and positive, Billy Davis’ latest might be the break you need.