Head In The Clouds – [BabyJake]

A true staple moment of coming across an artist is not merely admiring and acknowledging the talent they exude there in front of you on whatever song it was you came across of theirs. The quintessential special moment comes when realizing what said artist can do from here and beyond. Many who first heard Baby Jake were undoubtedly made present to his sheer talent in the moment but also his future voyages as an artist and where those voyages would take him sonically speaking. This sort preamble on the California-based artist brings me to his newly released single, “Head In The Clouds.”

Brought to life by bright guitar riffs and Jake’s obsession-worthy vocal performance, his new single is a blissed-out piece of euphoric escapism. Lyrically driven by a narrative that details the admission of personal miss-steps and the honest cry to simply live freely and carelessly, BabyJake creates a catchy single that exudes his growth as a vocalist and as an overall song-maker. Despite it being only several months since the rising artist’s last release, his new release marks an important point in his ascension and warrants not only our support as lovers of music but fans of artists that appear primed for the next level.

Listen to “Head In The Clouds” by BabyJake below.