Have You Ever – [DJG.O] x [Yella Beezy]

The city of Dallas seems to be in an uproar with a plethora of emerging artists. Several artists are taking advantage of illuminating North Texas music scene. Emerging at the right time, DJG.O heats up the already scorching streets of the city with the hot single, Have You Ever featuring one of Dallas’ most talked about artists, Yella Beezy.

Have You Ever is a song that highlights specific, real-life instances that can be translated to that of one living a “fast life”. DJG.O’s has noticeable past experiences, involving run ins with the Federal Government. Being charged with money laundering, one can see how this body of work may have came to fruition. Formally known as GO during his brief music stint before getting caught up at age 19, DJG.O reemerges to the music scene after paying his dues to the Feds. This time around he comes with a new found addition of being not only a rapper but also a DJ with a strong promotion team behind him that goes by “Da Gang”. Being a DJ is his way of showcasing his musical appreciation across the board.

The video for Have You Ever is absolutely hilarious. In a blast 50 years into the future, we see DJG.O as an old man in a retirement home, reminiscing on his old way as it flashes back to a landscape of big bootys, cash and piles of drugs.

Get familiar with DJG.O with the visual parallel to his banger Have You Ever below:

words by Max R