Music at its core is meant to help an artist unpack and express their emotions through an avenue of expression that can ease the burden of dealing with these feelings in a more traditional way, and it speaks greatly to the current state of society both in America and overseas that so much popular music has become an outlet for dealing with melancholy and hopelessness. As the world gets drearier and drearier it makes sense that artists would pivot to more bleak overtones and this somber sound has become a particular calling card for more youthful artists that feel as if the rest of their existence will be an uphill battle.

One of my favorite recent examples of this came on a SoundCloud dig this week, culminating in my new discovery of London artist Chrysalism who unveiled their single “Haunt Me” ahead of their upcoming project Your Name Here that is set to debut in the coming weeks. Chrysalis laments his broken heart on this track. The gentle, yet breaking tone of his voice is juxtaposed by the dreamy instrumentation, making for an even more poignant atmosphere than his vocals alone could provide. I am very eager to check out Your Name Here and am excited to see what all Chrysalism has in store.