hate me – [midwxst]

As I find myself falling deeper and deeper down the wormhole that is Hyperpop, I find myself getting more and more interested in weirder sounds. While I say weird, I should clarify that I’ve been partial to interesting, innovative, and creative sounds that might come off as weird to the average listener, yet it might be normal to anyone else who has familiarized themselves with the Hyperpop scene.

While midwxst has been stating his claim as to why he’s legitimately one of the best up and coming artists in the genre, he never seems to slow down and that’s part of the reason why I’ve become enthralled in the sonic landscape he has painted for himself and admirers all over the world. As I familiarize myself more and more with the subgenre as well, it appears as if there is a group of artists that stick together and collaborate more than any other genre, so this is something I admire more than anything else.

Most recently, midwxst teamed up with fellow Helix Tears member/founder blackwinterwells for a track entitled “hate me”. wells handled the production on this hit, bringing a dexterous, lively beat to life with some strange yet playful synths, an upbeat, thumping drum pattern, and some spread out percussion that comes together for a video game-sounding instrumental that is as imaginative as it is unbelievably masterful.

Somewhat comically, midwxst begins by just pretty much stating how cute and fun this song is prior to beginning to sing, mentioning all the people that hate him and completely juxtaposing the introductory message that he shared only moments before. Nonetheless, he continues on with a somewhat playful delivery that bounces right along on the production seamlessly. While the instrumental doesn’t really seem to change up too much at all, it constantly keeps the tempo up and gives midwxst a perfect foundation to show off his versatility as an artist as he switches up his cadences and deliveries various times throughout.

While his latest EP Summer03 might have only been out for a few weeks at this point, I have probably listened to it front to back over 50 times and I shamelessly know all the words by now. He just takes us on such a fantastic journey of highs and lows that are mixed with some of the most insanely captivating instrumentals that can’t go unappreciated. Considering I love the EP so much, I definitely wasn’t expecting new music so soon, but once again, I’d never even think of complaining when it comes to new midwxst music. Aside from this, I realized he just put on an amazing double-decker live performance of the EP’s first two songs “Liar” and “Trying” that was directed by Lew Good, so you need to check that out here after you tune into his latest release “hate me” below.