Last year, I came across July Forever, and, although his sound is a little out of my wheelhouse I was really drawn in by the energy on his project. Unfortunately, I can’t link you to because it has since been taken down.

Though the project is gone, the Seattle native has still been releasing a steady stream of music with his latest, “Hate Me,” dropping earlier this week.

What stood out on the aforementioned lost tape is what makes “Hate Me” so dope; his energy. July Forever jumps out atop the light boardwalk effortlessly transitioning between a few different styles. More than any particular flow or vocal approach, though, it’s the way he sounds; it just works. I realize it’s a little vague, but it’s true. There’s natural energy to July Forever and it’s clear he already knows his way around a track.

With his intangibles, and knack for songwriting, I’m excited to see how he develops.