Hardcore Happy – [THE BLOSSOM]

The Blossom dropped one of my favorite videos and singles this past week with a new record entitled “Hardcore Happy.” I typically check out Spotify’s New Music Friday every week, but not to see which bigger artists dropped I’m always looking for newer artists that land on there. “Hardcore Happy” brought me back to the late 90s and early 00’s with her style, this record could’ve been in an American Pie movie or Mid90s. Like those coming of age movies, the theme, and narrative around the single match the tone of the video. Lily Lizotte starts off the video being stuck in the dirt, which is showcasing when growing up and in life in general we get stuck, and sometimes our insecurities and anxiety can end up holding us back. This is the starting point of The Blossom’s rollout for their forthcoming EP 97 BLOSSOM which will definitely be on my radar after this single.

Watch the video for The Blossom’s “Hardcore Happy” for yourself after the break.