Hard To Be Alone – [Colton]

The modernized and to-this-point unfounded approach to music that the rising Internet-based landscape has come to develop over time is essentially set in stone as far as structure is concerned. Its defining facets – blissful, catchy, yet self-aware melodies and themes alike – have reached the point where blatant progression in this scene is no longer something to beg for, rather it serves as a common trait among numerous acts who work within this setting.

With that being said, since progression is not a necessity, that leaves room for acts to move in and simply fine-tune this approach to its most spotless state yet — enhancing those aforementioned defining aspects to create the most appealing, gripping, and all-around perfect tracks that are not concerned with saturating themselves in the unknown, but more so with doing what has already been done at the highest level imaginable.

That sentiment has rung true within so many recent singles from this scene, but none have symbolized it as vividly and adequately as rising talent Colton’s latest single “Hard To Be Alone.” This track is constructed with the utmost ease and finesse imaginable, but its baseline facets are done so exceptionally well that it would be doing it a disservice to mark it down based on those claims whatsoever. Simply put, the song serves as the most shining example of how to construct a modern underground pop offering at this exact moment in time.

Colton graces this song’s entrancing instrumental from Odel and Jxlyy with a supreme sense of control and appeal throughout its entirety. Though the beat itself is stripped back from a compositional standpoint, its direct and gripping riffs from the few synths that pop in and out within the song’s passages ideally fill the background space that Colton comes to embellish upon.

And they come to do that with, again, such a telling amount of command and confidence alike. Whereas their understated and solemn verses contrast artfully with the progressing beat, the given bridge and chorus on the track bring everything together as they beautifully harmonize and channel their higher register to add that necessary dynamic aspect to a song that would certainly not be complete without it.

Though this track is indeed nothing of the progressive sort for a sound that is always looking to manifest a dynamic outlook at all times, that does not mean that this is not one of the most flawlessly executed and definitively engaging singles of the year. Colton has already proven their worth as a rising star in their own right, and this track is a culmination of their rise to this now-limitless and promising state as an artist.