Get familiar with Bianca Silver, a budding talent on the rise!

If there’s one artist who completely blew me away on this wonderful Friday full of releases, it’s none other than Bianca Silver. The independent artist sent just recently sent me over some tunes and after listening, it was evident that this girl has the talent to definitely make a wave in this music stuff.

I love getting to write about artists for the first time on our platform and today, this 21-year-old Florida native is making her Lyrical Lemonade debut for a dual release consisting of singles titled, “hard on myself” & “everything ends”. Both are ABSOLUTELY phenomenal, but I find myself gravitating towards “hard on myself” any time I’m looking for something to listen to.

From the moment you start listening to Bianca Silver, you will instantly fall in love with her voice; It’s just beautiful. There are some people who were undeniably born to sing and she’s one of them. Both of these songs were produced by up and comer producer ZACY, who did an amazing job of creating a soundscape that compliments Bianca’s natural tone.

I’m extremely excited for this girl and I know you all will be too as soon as you give this special release a listen. I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so familiarize yourself with Bianca Silver before it’s too late!