happyseptember. – [Femdot]

Femdot is definitely one of my favorite artists in the city, but I never get to write about him because all the homies always get to his new releases first, so when I had the opportunity with his latest song “happyseptember.”, I couldn’t pass up the chance. He’s simply one of the most creative minds in the Windy City, constantly incorporating new flows into his various records that are full of unbelievable wordplays and eye-opening encounters that are so descriptive, you feel like you’re there in the moment with him. Just last night, he tweeted out a new rough cut of this record, saying:

“this not no album shit. just me at 11:05 pm in my crib. a lot of times i record to get words i can’t get out any other way. wrote this cause it helped me. but maybe it can help you too. you not alone. happiness is on the horizon. happy september.”

That’s something I respect so much as well because the root and the meaning of music is to express yourself and the emotions you’re dealing with, so being able to see his transparency and the sentiment that went into this record, even if it’s not going on an album, it makes me feel closer to him and his creative process, and I’m sure others feel the exact same way.

As far as this song goes, bLvvk took the helm on production, incorporating a very soulful vocal sample alongside low-key percussion and drums, coming together for a fairly wide-open opportunity for Fem to get some thoughts off of his chest, and I made sure to listen up. As he spits, his words just roll off of his tongue effortlessly, and even with such a cool, calm, and collected disposition, it’s hard not to imagine any other artist struggling with some of the intricate cadences he’s bringing to life.

The way that the beat kind of cuts out and reintroduces itself throughout provides even more prominence to his messages, and the narratives he speaks on throughout this record obviously hit close to home for him, but he doesn’t let his emotions get the best of his delivery, remaining fairly smooth even during portions that couldn’t be easy to talk about. It’s obvious that Femdot has the city of Chicago on lock, and fans are never going to complain when he drops new music, so I couldn’t be firmer in my belief that “happyseptember.” is the best song you’ll hear all day. Don’t believe me? Check it out for yourself and hear all of the artistry, skill, and emotion that went into this brand-new single with your own two ears.