Happily Ever After EP – [Pollari]

2021 has accounted for a ton of new amazing music releases so far, I believe part of this is because people were hesitant to release during the pandemic, but now it’s making for an unbelievable amount of good music being put out on the daily. A couple of days ago, we were just blessed with a brand new EP from Lyrical Lemonade favorite Pollari, a seven-song tape that he deemed “Happily Ever After”. My favorite thing about Pollari is definitely his undeniable range as an artist, he can make literally any kind of music, and he understands that he decides his own path. Pollari knows that on any given day he can release a certain type of sounding song that he has mastered and it will make him ‘blow up’ for lack of a better term. Instead, he chooses to make the type of music that he truly wants to create, he never succumbs to pressure from fans or today’s trendy sounds, and that is what makes him a legend in his own right.  I loved this project and I feel like any true Pollari fan will feel the same way that I do, it’s some of his best work yet. Take some time out of your weekend to get familiar with this new project, it’s easily some of Pollari’s best work to date!