Happier – [Memoria XI]

It’s crazy to think that just a couple of months ago, I had no clue who Memoria XI even was. This is wild to me because he has become one of my favorite young up-and-comers, and he simply never fails to impress me with every additional new offering that he puts out for fans. While his sound is somewhere like a mix between the Kid LAROI, Post Malone, and Juice WRLD, he has been carving his own lane in a very impressive way and he’s just an easy kid to root for, so I’m always looking forward to releases whenever I see him hyping them up.

Back in August, Memoria decided to drop off one of my favorite songs by him to date called “Happier”, and while I haven’t really seen any music videos from the rising star, I’m more than pleased to announce the fact that he decided to give this track a visual treatment and bring it to life for everyone to enjoy all over again.

Partnering with director Garrett Paull, Eccentric Arts, and BangerOfTheDay, the video opens up on a barren road in the middle of a desolate desert where Memoria seems to be backpacking somewhere. After a few failed attempts at hitchhiking, an older gentleman pulls over and picks him up before kicking him out shortly after because of some of the rapper’s actions in his pickup truck. This actually leads him to a road sign that points out a destination called Heartbreak Hill which is a location he heads to immediately after seeing the sign.

With a singular binocular of some sort, he spots a pretty girl dancing around a tree which seems to get him excited as he rushes to her. Although she lures him in, as he gets close, she dissolves into thin air, leaving him alone and hopeless yet again in a disheartening and confused daze. After sitting under the tree in contemplation for a few moments, rather than drowning in his sorrows, Memoria decided to get back up and continue his adventure, letting the wind take him wherever it may.

At 19, Memoria’s sound and skills already surpass his age in such a fascinating manner, and he truly has a natural gift of getting all of his emotions out of his mind, off of his chest, and into every song he sings. While some might be more upbeat and energetic, “Happier” is definitely one of his more sorrowful, revealing tracks and I love that he can make so many different styles of music that all sound equally as artistic and professional. It’s as if he leaves every interaction he ever has with some sort of message or lesson, and that definitely has helped him mature way past what his age might suggest. I highly doubt I’ll ever grow tired of Memoria XI’s music and I find myself constantly telling friends about him, so let this be a sign for you to stop sleeping and check out the Maryland native’s latest music video for his record “Happier” below.