Hands on U-[Michael Medrano]

Merging genres has been pretty common in recent history. The ability to multiply two very distinct styles is a fun and impressive thing to witness in its entirety. If you’re a fan of this clever musical fusion, then today’s latest appearance on Lyrical Lemonade might set you on a path to pure obsession.

Michael Medrano is an artist who has found a way to bring together 70’s disco and 2000’s hedonist pop under the same roof. You’re probably wondering how that sentence makes sense, but after hearing his music, it’ll become very clear that Michael is setting the bar and creating a lane that is unique to himself in every way. At the age of 12 and growing up in Los Angeles, the rising talent found himself creating song ideas and picking up music by ear without help. It was this innate ability to identify melodies and create them that has helped Michael grow into the music mind that he is today.

Fast forward to today and Michael Medrano has created some stellar music while garnering some serious attention from well respected platforms as well. The way he creates is just stellar and I’m so excited to highlight his latest song that just dropped. The brand new track called, “Hands on U” is a perfect introduction to the hitmaker and his music. According to Michael,

“Hands On U’ is just as imaginative as the story it tells. I threw in everything from the Jack Antonoff sound bites that he tweeted out to reimagined vocoder melodies that’ve been distorted and flipped to sound brand new. My co-producer Zak Leever, whom I work with over email and text, even created a synth out of human noise. It’s so dope and I can’t wait for the world to hear it!”

The world has heard the song and the reception has been amazing so far! I’ve attached the Spotify link down below, so give it a listen and let us know what you think of “Hands on U”!