Hallucinogen (Trippin’)-[Ncognita]

The individual who is making it onto our pages right now might be one of the most dynamic artists that I’ve ever gotten the chance to write about. When you experience true and raw talent, it is impossible to shake it. Think back to the first time you heard a legend. There was not a doubt in your mind that you were witnessing something special; something that might only come around once in a lifetime. When you stumble upon those types of artists early, it’s of the utmost importance to take immediate notice. Today, it is my honor to highlight a future star in the making. Someone who is not only going to leave a mark in her genre, but in music altogether.

Ncognita is the rapper we’ve all been waiting for. In a brief conversation last week, one of my colleagues asked me if I’m a fan of Hip-Hop and I proceeded to tell him that “I’m a fan of good Hip-Hop.” If you’re wondering what constitutes as good hip-hop, look no further than this article. I came across the stellar talent of Ncognita when her first song to hit streaming services came out. The offering, titled, “Clap Clap” was the perfect introduction to the innate swagger and lyrical mastery that she possesses. 

Born and raised in South Central LA, the young songstress always had an attraction to words. Growing up, her father was a pastor and her mother was a teacher. Both professions are known for being well spoken, so the gift was easily passed down to her. Starting off as a young poet, Ncognita always knew she wanted to be someone who spoke to people. From there, she began performing and speaking around her area, but by the time middle school came around, she started picking up the art of rap. Due to a theatre stint all throughout High School, Ncognita barely did music until she studied urban electronic music production. It was at this moment when music began taking shape and the rest is history after that. 

Like I said, “Clap Clap” was the track the caught my attention, but her latest one that just dropped made me a full fledged believer in her future as an artist. “Hallucinogen (Trippin’)” dropped back in mid June and has already amassed over 175,000 streams on Spotify alone. As her numbers continue to rise, so does her popularity. I’ve brought up the LA native in conversation to a lot of people and it is unanimously agreed upon that she has the potential to be the next big thing; Not for no reason either. Ncognita’s musical ear is unmatched. Her ability to match production with the perfect type of flow is a gift that many struggle for years to obtain. Her master of the english language is on full display at all times. On “Hallucinogen”, there is a downright confidence that is so tangibly visible. From the verses, to the beats, Ncognita knows exactly what she’s doing and it’s just a blessing to witness it. Her goal of being someone who speaks to people is being realized right before our eyes. My favorite part about her artistry is the fact that she carries so much substance with every word she says. The things we say are important, and Ncognita makes sure that her words are not only heard but felt. 

I’ve written too much already, so its about time you all just give her music a listen and let us know what you think! I’ve attached the Spotify link to “Hallucinogen” down below. Give it a listen and make sure to tap in with the future of Hip-Hop!