Hall of Fame – [Young Dolph]

Whenever an artist passes away, fans come out in droves to show support for the incredible impact they made during their time here on Earth. It doesn’t matter if they were an underground phenom, a bonafide superstar, or someone who just genuinely made a difference in the music industry because regardless of their status, they meant something to listeners and fellow artists. When news broke that Young Dolph was taken from this planet way before he was ever meant to late last year, the impact was felt from coast to coast and beyond.

I was always a fan and supporter of the Memphis legend, but I didn’t realize just how influential he was until this tragic day came, but it makes me happy knowing that he can look down on his supporters knowing that we’re keeping his legacy alive and well. One of the countless head-turning impacts he made was the formation of his label Paper Route Empire, a label that has grown strong and has thrived since its inception, and to celebrate what would have been Dolph’s 37th birthday today, they released his first posthumous single “Hall of Fame”, a fitting song name for the iconic emcee.

Bandplay produced this single, incorporating sharp percussion, booming 808s, and a mischievous melody that you can’t ignore once it begins. Dolph proves his dominance and unmatched command once again with composed, confident lines that are just infectious. He never speaks too quickly or slows down his pace, making sure to remain right on time with the tempo as he effortlessly glides over the beat without seeming to ever lose control even slightly.

Clearly, Young Dolph is an absolute legend, and although he unfortunately isn’t here to continue to see his legacy grow, I know that he is watching his team and his fans support him endlessly which is something that I am pretty positive makes him pleased with the hard work and dedication he put in during his time on Earth.