Brodie Harvey
Brodie Harvey
3 Nov 2019

Something that has become evidently clear within the past year is the gravitation towards genreless music. Artists no longer feel boxed in by their given genre, this has been building up over the past decade but has really flourished this year. 916frosty is an artist that has been making serious waves in the underground for some time but his sound has evolved completely with the release of his debut project HALF GEMINI. 

The mysterious artist’s futuristic vocals lend themselves well to a variety of genres throughout the 6-song EP, each showing off truly how powerful his voice is. We have seen beat switch-ups become a popular method to make songs feel fresh and free-flowing, but frosty really stepped it up to another level with each song, going from thumping 808s one moment to 90’s grunge guitar riffs is truly a display of frosty’s wide array of influences.

Even though 916frosty turned 18 a month ago, for how complete his sound is at a young age is an impressive feat. The intro song “mr. valentine” sets a strong tone as soon as the beat drops, as one of the most energetic songs on the EP it starts off on a high note. The track that follows “to the west!” has one of the best beat changes on the project, the latter half being raw with emotion and sounding nothing like frosty has released previously. The title track “half gemini” is the biggest stand out on an incredibly strong debut EP, where frosty belts out a love ballad made for 2019.

You can feel the emotion that 916frosty brings to each of his records, but you can understand that these records all have a lot of personal weight behind them. This EP is amazing when played front to back, the constant zig-zagging of genre makes it an incredibly captivating 20-minute journey. 916frosty is still at the beginning of his music career, being young and developed is something that makes him one of the most exciting artists to arise out of the underground scene in recent years. Highly recommend listening to this one in order and headphones to truly connect with the music.

Listen to HALF GEMINI on all platforms here!