HAHA – [Al-Doms] ft. [Pusha T]

Virginia rapper Al-Doms is a star. We knew that last year before he released NEW DREAM – a project that would go on to amass around a million streams and establish him as one of rap’s most unique newcomers. We knew that he was special before singles like the geography-blurring “Mr. Perfect Freestyle” or the hard-hitting “BFF” dropped – putting his name on 2021 while inching closer to hip-hop’s upper echelon of new talent. This week fans are treated to the newest fruit of Al-Doms’ labor – an infectiously energetic banger titled “HAHA” featuring none other than Pusha T. Did this collaboration come out of left field? Perhaps to the uninitiated, but to those tapped into Al-Dom’s signature Southern-flavored futurism, this collaboration is long overdue. Featuring production from N-I-N-E, Coop The Truth, and bennygotbass, “HAHA” picks up where Chief Keef’s “Laughin To The Bank” left off. Al-Doms and Pusha T trade verses flexing their accomplishments and lavish lifestyles over a mix so finely-crafted that “HAHA” is sure to colonize your weekly rotation after just one listen. Change may usually bring its fair share of growing pains, but if “HAHA” is any indication of things to come, then the future is looking bright for Al-Doms – and we’ll be watching every step of the way. With more music likely slated for release in the near-future, Al-Doms is an artist that needs to be on your radar this year.

Check out Al-Doms and Pusha T’s “Haha” below: