Last week, Noname, Saba, and Smino began teasing a collective release under the moniker Ghetto Sage. The prospect of this midwestern rap supergroup was enough to get any hip-hop fan excited, as the three’s past track record together has been nothing short of excellent. Today, the trio made their formal introduction as Ghetto Sage with a new single titled “Häagen Dazs”.

The three versatile artists waste no time in getting to what listeners have been craving since last hearing from them, opting for a hard, straightforward comeback single that showcases the unique talent of each individual member. Smino kicks things off, holding down the hook and first verse with his signature buoyant flow, mischievously maneuvering with the beat as if his presence is weightless. Saba’s follow-up verse is short, sweet, and poignant, demonstrating that his precision for crafting never-before-heard rhyme schemes only continues to get sharper with time. Noname, who’s remained the most relatively low-key of the three artists since dropping ‘Room 25’ last year, enters the arena as a master of metaphors, able to contrast flowery eloquence with blunt truths, all while keeping her penchant for clever wordplay in pocket. Producer Vzn ties everything together, arming Ghetto Sage with a percussive, eerie beat that pushes each artist to bring their A-game.

“Häagen Dazs” offers exactly what you might have wanted from Ghetto Sage, and hopefully this track will only set the stage for more to come.