ITSOKTOCRY is one of the most captivating artists in the entire music industry, and if you don’t believe me, just check out any of his countless songs and tell me you disagree, because I’d tell you that you’re factually incorrect. The way he is able to manipulate his voice is unheard of and can’t be compared to anyone else in the entire music scene, and the instrumentals he uses always keep you on your toes because you have no clue what kind of sounds to expect prior to listening in.

He is grossly underrated, in my opinion, but his fans know just how special of a talent he is, and I won’t be quick to let that point go by the wayside because he’s just making music in his own lane, and no one else is even close to catching up to him. After a lot of hype was built up around his album GWEN STACY 4EVER over the past few months, the day has finally come, and after tuning in, I can say with the utmost confidence that the wait was well worth it.

With 11 songs that add up to just over 25 minutes, this is more than enough time for CRY to show off his various sounds, vocal styles, personalities, and more, and I want to highlight the entire thing but instead, I have to focus on some of my all-time favorites otherwise I’d be writing for weeks. There are singles such as “HELLSING”, “Acid Re-Flex”, “ARSON RADIO”, and others that I have been bumping for a while, but I was blown away by some of the new songs that accompany these instant classics.

On the second track “Team Edward”, CRY recruits Kauzi to join him who boasts a lighthearted flow that works perfectly on the airy and ambient instrumental while CRY himself incorporates some of his enthusiastic energy that is always welcomed in my book. “F.A.O” incorporates an outrageously impactful instrumental full of powerful sounds and deep 808s that CRY absolutely rips apart with his off-the-wall, unique delivery. Surf joins him on this track, bringing things a bit closer to Earth even though he is in full attack mode, without a doubt.

Finally, one more record that I couldn’t help but talk about is “I Am Him” which utilizes a similarly intense beat as “F.A.O”, but Cry switches things up once again, boasting an animated yet aggressive vocal style that is robust yet full of belligerence as well, adding yet another sound to his extensive vocal repertoire.

Once again, I could go on for literal days if I touched on every single record on this album, but I think it’d be better off if you just tune in for yourself because it’s honestly hard to do all of CRY’s innovative sounds justice in writing. With that being said, don’t let another second go by without listening to GWEN STACY 4EVER by ITSOKTOCRY because trust me when I say, you’ll love it just as much as I do.