Gun Smoke – [Stunna 4 Vegas]

Stunna 4 Vegas is one of those artists who I always enjoy hearing guest verses on some of the songs he makes with his industry friends, but I somehow fail to tune into his solo efforts, for whatever reason. He brings such energy to every song he contributes to, and I always walk away from each offering remembering that, so I definitely need to stop snoozing and wake up to the North Carolinian’s talents.

As we get prepared for the release of his upcoming project Welcome To 4 Vegas, he decided to gift fans with a brand-new song entitled “Gun Smoke” as well as a lively music video to accompany it. Resounding, rotating, electronic-sounding synths take the forefront of this banger as percussion rattles in your ears and speaker-busting 808s add even more energy to the already vivacious offering. As he begins to recite his lyrics, he gets away from the louder yelling delivery that he normally opts for and goes for a more ruthless, hard-nosed cadence that rings through even clearer than ever before.

His aggression in this track is nothing to mess with, and you have to know that if you’re the target he is talking about throughout this song, you should probably sleep with one eye open. Although his flow isn’t nearly as quick as we’ve heard from him in the past, his attitude drives his point home and you have no choice but to pay attention to the threatening bars he’s speaking. His ad-libs provide a mixture of noises, onomatopoeias, and gritty backup vocals that provide even more life to this already spirited offering, capturing your attention more than ever.

His off-kilter cadence isn’t too rapid, as I said before, but this makes sure his message comes through loud and clear, making sure you understand all of the threats and flexes he is spitting throughout this track. His lyrics might not be too farfetched from what we’ve grown to expect, but his utilization of wordplays and similes throughout to drive his point home are truly lyrics that you can’t help but respect due to their creativity if nothing else.

Sure, this visual doesn’t stray too far from what we might expect from Stunna, that doesn’t take away from the fact that it’s still incredibly entertaining. He always brings the energy in every single offering and seeing his emotive actions on camera definitely helps elevate the vitality of the song. Even if you didn’t watch the video, you can still expect his energy to be at an all-time high going into this track, and that’s the main reason why I’ve been drawn into some of his other offerings in the past. I’m looking forward to more information coming out regarding Welcome To 4 Vegas, but as for now, we just have to wait and see what else we’ll be gifted moving forward. No matter what, take some time today to check out his brand-new single “Gun Smoke” because you surely won’t regret it.