Guillotine – [Pi’erre Bourne]

Not a single day can pass of speaking about the pioneers of the rap game today without mentioning the artistry that stems from Pi’erre Bourne. The 27-year-old rapper and man of many musical faces has been destroying the game for years now and has definitely become a household name. From producing hits for Young Nudy, Lil Uzi Vert, and dozens of songs for Playboi Carti (most recently on Whole Lotta Red), Pi’erre Bourne has crafted a sound that has been duplicated by many, but never comes quite as close as the original pocket that he has birthed and mastered. While many people are well aware of the production he has and can do, a lot of people tend to forget the fact that he did start out as a rapper. Releasing tons of freestyles and The Life of Pi’erre projects independently, lots of it went unnoticed and overshadowed by his amazing production he has been dishing out. It goes without saying he’s had a hell of a career thus far, but he is far from being done yet. Releasing the latest visual from his The Life of Pi’erre 4 album, he is back premiering another smash from the album, “Guillotine”.

Without a doubt, Pi’erre has been in a tricky spot in the game. Lots of fans have been bombarding him for months, begging for information about the long-awaited Playboi Carti album Whole Lotta Red, as he is well known to be a frequent collaborator of Carti. So much so, that his own music began to get overlooked in the process. Not for nothing, The Life of Pi’erre 4 *stylized as TLOP 4* is an album full of amazing production, catchy subjects, and relatable material that many people could enjoy. The album dropped in June of 2019, and the deluxe dropped a whole year after in June of 2020. That being said, it’s very clear that Pi’erre has put so much love, faith, and respect into this body of work. He has currently shot a large handful of videos from the project, and it’s amazing to see him still pushing this project out there on his own and making the fans realize the true potential of how timeless this album sounds.

“Guillotine” being one of my favorite joints from the OG album, this one was a very special release and a song that is very important to Pi’erre as well. With this song being one of the songs that he played for the legendary Kanye West during the Wyoming recording sessions, Pi’erre knew that this one was the one. The song itself showcases more of his simplicity in production, yet adds another layer of complexity on top of it. The amount of layering on not only the production but the vocals as well is what stands out the most here. Pi’erre Bourne is a man with limitless range and a well-disclosed toolbox full of tricks that he can pull from, and “Guillotine” is where he puts them on full display. As stated earlier, the Pi’erre Bourne sound is duplicated countlessly in the game right now, but that just shows how impactful he is. Safe to say, Pi’erre is going to be around for a very long time, and he is hungrier than ever before in 2021.

Watch the visuals for “Guillotine” below and check out the deluxe of TLOP 4 below!

Shot by @V.lens • Edited by @ronchaukoff, @paul.fanger, @cyjoshe